Scuba Diving Certification Requirements


Becoming a professional diver calls for diving classes, with some prerequisites. Overall, the requirement for scuba diving certification involves:

Swimming test

This changes from body to body, but in short, you’ll be expected to do a short swim and tread water for some time. For instance, with PADI, swimming 200 meters and 10 minutes to tread water is the requirement. Nevertheless, there are not any stipulations as to speed stoke or whatever. You only have to be able to somehow swim 200 meters and then for ten minutes stay afloat.

The study

There are various modules available you can study, either online before you travel, in a local diving school or in a dive center. You’ll learn to set the equipment up, what each piece of diving gear does, learn the safety procedures, clearing your regulator and mask underwater, distinct entrance and exit methods as well as other essential things. It sounds complicated, but with an excellent instructor and the material to support the course, it can be interesting and satisfying as you prepare for your first dive.

Pool training

Here you get to practice a great deal of what you’ve learned – from preparing the equipment to the safety procedures like sharing air with a pal as well as the basic principles of navigation. You are going to take your first under-water breaths, but all in the comfort of a shallow pool. The initial breaths may be somewhat stressing for many folks, therefore it is an excellent time to get these out of the way.

Open-water training

All the exercises which you carried out in pool training from Scuba Diving Classes NJ were really only the practice for doing them here. You’ll enter the ‘open water'(a quarry, the sea or others) and again practice mask clearing among others. Then you are going to undertake a set of 4 dives, each one being more deep than the previous one. After each of these dives, you’ll log the dive and practice making the surface interval calculations that are required. Your fourth dive, at the conclusion of your dives, will most likely be about 18 meters to ensure you’ve experienced the maximum depth to which you’re qualified to dive.

The final exam

And to finish off your scuba diving lessons you’ll take a simple multiple choice assessment to ascertain that you’ve taken in all the education you have been getting for Scuba Diving Certification NJ. The assessment isn’t overly complex, only a simple a test!


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